Virtual Office Solutions

In our ever-changing world, the ability to access newer technologies can give your business the competitive advantage you need over the competition. Our commitment to constantly leverage these new technologies enables us to provide our clients with the advantage they need in today’s competitive market. Our Virtual Office Solutions combine the benefits of an answering service with a sophisticated IVR (voicemail system). Virtual office accounts are typically answered on the first ring by the IVR system where the caller hears an announcement. The announcement directs the caller to one of two choices: be transferred to a live operator or leave a message. The mailbox can then call or page you with a notification of a new message. Callers who transfer to the Live Operator are greeting in your company name and any of the services and delivery methods can be implemented.

 Other Virtual Office Services

  • Telephone Answering Service
  • Online Scheduling / Calendaring
  • Secretarial and Reception Service
  • Web Based E-Mail Access
  • Live Operator Call Center Services offers a variety of inbound live operator call center services including:

  • Order Entry Services
  • Technical Support
  • Customer Service
  • Scheduling Services
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